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momoteapots magic garden playsuit in blue
Me again! (So soon I know)

I'd actually been eyeing this playsuit for almost a month so finally on an impulse I decided to just check it out. I have to commend Momoteapots' fast and pleasant CS: commented on Sunday night, invoiced and paid on Monday, and received it today (Wednesday)! They also answered my queries about sizing promptly and in a friendly manner.

Good things:
Material is a sturdy cotton, which I don't foresee shrinking/ tearing easily. Zip is concealed at the back and very easy to handle by myself. The fit is also perfect: the flare of the shorts makes this look like a short summer dress without over-emphasizing my hips.

Unfortunate things:
The colour is firstly way more lilac than blue. It's closer to my close up pics than the studio shots. I don't mind as it looks alright in real life, but it was just a shock when I first took it out of the parcel.
Secondly, even though Momoteapots told me it was high-waisted, I find the waist hits my belly button more than high waist. That said, it still fits my high waist measurements so either I have lost weight (HAHA) or this is really a magic playsuit.
Along with the slightly odd proportions of the waist is the rise, which seemed short online but is actually quite long in real life (so more like 'drop-crotch' I guess? idk how to put it oh no). I guess the good thing about this is that it really feels like a skirt more than shorts.

I would also prefer if this was more racer-cut but that said, the cutting has kind of grown on me. It's comfortable and with such big prints I don't foresee me needing to scratch my head over accessories! The romper is an outfit on its own :)

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