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New week, new review! After my exams ended I went a little punch drunk happy and ordered a ton of things-- my wallet's now paying... Never mind, two of them came in the mail today! I love receiving parcels :)

Both paired with Lilypirates Candy Crush Skirt in Fresh White, previously reviewed here.
aforarcade bardot off shoulder top black
First off, A for Arcade Bardot Off Shoulder Top in Black! This is exactly how LP paired their skirt and I loved how Grace Kelly it looked! I emailed LP to ask if it was upcoming and by the time they got back to me telling me it was from A for Arcade, the top was sold out )): I managed to get it from a reseller in the end, not without qualms as even for their largest size, the PTP measurements seemed awfully small ): But here's visual proof: size S (smallest size available, PTP 14") fits even me (UK8, ptp 16.5"), so larger sizes should be fine :)

The top itself looked really small when I took it out of the parcel, but the material is a comfortable and highly stretchy jersey. The best part is, pit fats don't show at all, as I feared from the design- and it shows off the collarbone beautifully :) Gotta get used to wearing off-shoulder, though, as I usually shy away from such 'daring' designs :)

However, this top might look very Grease if paired with things that are too overtly rocker, so I'd advise to stick to the top's name and to the right side of vintage with this piece ^^
thevelvetdolls lace sleeve basic top white
Secondly, I traded some items for the TVD Lace Sleeve Basic Tee in White. I already own this piece in blue, but back when I bought it from TVD I was already debating whether to get the white piece too, so it's great that I've managed to track this piece down after all this time! :)) As much as the title suggests, I don't think this tee is very basic, due to the delicate lace sleeves and figure-hugging nature of the top (strapless nude bra recommended). However, it still looks effortlessly pretty and the low back effect is well done since no special undergarments are required. This marks my first online design I've bought in more than one colour! :O
On a side note, has anyone bought MGG's Pleated Wrap Tulip Skirt? How is it? It looks awfully similar to LB's Wylene Wrap Skirt which I already own and love, and since MGG launched it on sale my fingers have been very itchy indeed...
Thanks for reading :)

UK8 for tops, 10 for bottoms, 1.58m
Blogging at an awol owl/ / a daydreamer
Selling at check yes closet (**all items going for $5! final sales!**)


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Apr. 2nd, 2013 12:45 pm (UTC)
hey dear!

I'm glad the TVD top looks great on you! :DD

The AforArcade top looks really nice on you too, I was considering getting it so now maybe I will try and find it! hahaa

Vanessa c:
Apr. 2nd, 2013 12:57 pm (UTC)
hey! yup thank you so much for being such a friendly seller! :)) good luck trying to find it, i think it's a worthy buy after all since the design's kind of unusual :)
Apr. 2nd, 2013 03:52 pm (UTC)
helloo oh man reading your review is really entertaining especially with all those links :D love the bardot off shoulder top on you! personally would want a piece for myself but i've made a promise to stop spending unless i see a piece that makes me go 'wow' instantly.

the tvd piece looks really good too! i own a white and a jade/mint piece from ohvola that's really similar (except without the low u-back :( ), but unfortunately the lace came apart at some points because i just dumped them in the washing machine (seriously no time for handwash and i don't wish to get my maid to do extra work), so heads up about this possibility!
Apr. 3rd, 2013 08:36 am (UTC)
yay! thanks so much, i feel much more validated now haha :) hmm yes i definitely have to take your approach to spending after this month :'(

oh gosh that sounds really bad! most of the time i dump them in a pail and handwash but yeah it's quite time consuming :(
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