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Hi everybody!

I went to Kissjane Citylink today to exchange a dress I bought for my mother that didn't fit right, but we ended up buying two dresses for me instead, hehe. I'm really pleased with my finds!

The Design Closets Scoop Back Cut In Dress in White (M)
the design closet Scoop Back Cut In Dress
The winning points of this dress are basically stated in its name, heh. The angular cut-in neckline is super flattering (I've gotten so used to cut-in necklines that when I tried on a dress that didn't have one, my first reaction was 'ew, no cut-in!') and the scoop back allows for a normal bra to be worn, albeit strapless due to the front. The dress is non-sheer and fits me well with a little allowance at ptp and waist, even though online it's stated as 16" ptp and 13.5" waist, and I'm a 16.5" ptp and 13" waist. Speaking of measurements, the length is supposed to be 32.5", but though I normally go for 33.5" or longer, I felt this didn't look too short on me, which is great!
Available in white, fuschia, and yellow on racks; and white, navy (which I'm eyeing), and fuschia on site. Priced at $35.90 in KJ.

The Velvet Dolls baby blue floral dress (unlaunched?) (M)
thevelvetdolls baby blue floral dress
Somebody please help me with this dress: I'm pretty sure I saw it on the website, but when I went online after buying it, I couldn't find it anywhere, not even on Yina's blog/IG! Is it a very old design (which is possible: TVD's rack at KJ Citylink has tons of old designs!) or an upcoming one?
Anyway, I am so glad I tried this on after scouring the racks three or four times. The material is so soft and definitely a winning point! It feels like a mix of silk and polyester. The back is a normal, covered-up one, while the front is a little cut-in again :) The print is white and pink florals, and the colour is perhaps a little duller than my pic, but still somehow very lovely against my skin tone in real life. It fits with allowance at ptp, but no allowance at waist after a meal, so I'm guessing it's 17" ptp and 13" waist, and maybe 33" length? (I'm glad I can fit into this, I was a TVD size L for a while!)
Available in baby blue and cream on racks. Priced at $35.90 in KJ.

Momoteapots Mavis Boatneck Top in White (M)
I'm so glad I caved into the raves and bought this top in the end. (White and plum are available on backorders, and black and cobalt instock.) Wore it out today and it was supremely soft and cooling. My only gripe is that it's half-lined, which is definitely obvious for white, and the half lining is annoying to climb in and out of when in the changing rooms! Serene (owner of MMTP) said on IG that they're launching new colours soon :) Saw cobalt in KJ, and it was more of an indigo colour in my opinion.
Available in white and cobalt (size S only) at KJ, priced at $25 there. I bought this for $26 with reg mail.
(Paired with Genie in a Closet Nelly Midi in Navy- M, reviewed here. On retrospect, it fits me with allowance when I'm wearing a thinner top like this one. Saw on IG selling for $19.90 and at the brick-and-mortar store Sixties selling for $24.90!)

Thanks for reading! :)
1.58m, UK8
Blogging at anawolowl (selling post coming soon!!)
Selling at littlerayofsunshine