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Hello everyone!
One more exam to go before my A levels are over!! :D I ordered these two lovelies on Friday, and they arrived in the mail today. Hooray for efficient service! Sorry for the blurry photo of the Lollyrouge dress (at left); my phone's selfie camera is very on-off in its performance :(
lollyrouge autumn scenery dresslovekaisy fion cut in top light blue

lollyrouge autumn scenery dress close up
Lollyrouge Autumn Scenery Dress (S)
This was actually an impulse buy as I planned to buy it with their Nanyang Porcelain Top, which went OOS (so I bought Love Kaisy's version, below). But it turned out to be a good choice! Fits me very snugly with no allowance whatsoever, which I guess should come as no surprise, seeing as I'm wearing Drea's size and she's one or two dress sizes smaller than me. Nevertheless, the material feels slightly stretchy, so this plus the flare of the skirt should allow for a good enough meal :)
The prints are very vibrant and green in real life. An excellent buy for $28, I should say. Do take note that it's not lined, but not sheer due to the prints.
**I must say, Lollyrouge has one of the best CS around! Their replies are always very friendly and personal, though they tend to come around 11pm at night, haha. I have shopped with them twice before and each time hasn't disappointed.
lovekaisy fion cut in top light blue close up
Love Kaisy Fion Cut-in Top in Light Blue (free-sized)
Thank you to all who helped me hunt this top down! It also retails at Lollyrouge (restocks arriving in 2 weeks, I think), Thread Theory (BO open), Miyoc, CYMK (at OC) and Swivelle (comment if you want the exact links). I bought it for $23.50, as Love Kaisy offers $1 off for following them on IG :)
Baby blue is my new favourite colour :) I expected the top to be printed, but the lace details seem more 3D than that, so it feels like a mix between embossed and embroidered. The top itself is much thicker than I expected it to be, so probably not a good choice for sweltering days. That said, since it's fully lined, it's not sheer at all :)
This top fits me with allowance all over, particularly at the waist, but no complaints :)

I tried to be more concise with my review this time, haha! Hope this helps! :)
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