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Strayedheart Jamie Playsuit (M)

Original House of Fraser piece: details here
Also sold as: TCL Oriental Love Romper (still available), Tracyeinny Chijme Oriental Belted Romper (still available), Smooch Fan Floral Playsuit (sold out), HVV Cyprus Playsuit (sold out)
strayedheart jamie playsuit
My replacement piece for this playsuit finally arrived! I ordered this on 13/9, but the piece I received on 1/10 had a defect, so I sent it back for an exchange. Strayedheart CS has been quite good, originally allowing me to order after spree closed, and being quite prompt in their verification of the defect. I also received a refund for mailing cost of the faulty piece.
Good points: the romper is only lined at the top (waist up), but not sheer and VPL won't show because of the print. Also, the print is exquisite: even if a lot of blogshops carry this piece, I somehow doubt we'll be seeing this print on any other design (I hope!)
Bad points: the workmanship honestly isn't that good, considering I paid $30.75 for this with reg mail (TCL reduced their price to $24.50! grr), but I suspect this is a Taobao piece anyway, so what's new? Sizing-wise, this fits me just right at the bottom but is obviously baggy at the top (woes of a pear-shaped figure), and a tube top has definitely got to be worn to avoid overexposure.
close up of the material^
I am considering letting this piece go as I won't be wearing it very often. If you're interested, please leave a comment or email me at gracechristianne@hotmail.com, thank you! :)

Large UK8, 1.58m
Blogging at anawolowl
Selling at littlerayofsunshine
Also, I received my LB 10% discount code on 7/10 if anyone's curious! I was in the first batch to complete their survey.
*I will also be collecting my LB Adel Dress from the tailor's later so if anyone would like a visual review, let me know!


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Oct. 16th, 2013 08:08 am (UTC)
Wow Tracyeinny really jacked up the price a lot. Actually they are pretty much on the pricey side now. I don't understand why they are still in business. I seldom see anyone reviewing or reselling their clothes here, and they don't even manufacture their own clothing, so what's the USP? I'm disappointed to see this selling on Smooch and HVV, these sites used to be all about self-manufacturing (even that isn't exclusive nowadays).

Edited at 2013-10-16 08:08 am (UTC)
Oct. 17th, 2013 11:03 am (UTC)
I quite like TE's brick and mortar stores actually- perhaps they are aiming their prices more at an offline presence. I own a jacquard dress from them that cost 30+ dollars and I think it's equal to LB/LAB pricing, which is alright by me given good quality. What I don't like about TE is more that their site seems less professional looking than other equally established blogshops!
And yes, I was very surprised to see Smooch selling this in particular since I always thought they went for slightly more 'exclusive' designs :(
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