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So I told myself I'd stop spending money... Bah, humbug. Here're this week's loots! (I received the TTR bag last week but decided to save it for a mass review instead, haha!)

LAB Edeline Cutout Flare Dress in Cream (M)
The last time I checked, they'd removed this dress from their site in all colours but cobalt (if I remember correctly, there was also black and cream), but I could be wrong. In any case, I had to use some store credits so decided on this because the lace detail looks identical to that of TVD's Daisy Eyelet Dress (review here).
This dress fits me just nice with no allowance at ptp, and with a little allowance at the waist. The inner lining has a scoop neckline, so the edge of the lining may be exposed at some of the top cut-outs. I have to say, the cut-outs are really pretty! But they do make the dress slightly sheer (although I suspect this won't be a problem for other colours): white or nude underwear should cut it just fine :)
Note: this doesn't come with LAB's label.
LAB edeline cut out flare dress in cream m
LAB edeline cut out flare dress in cream m-2
picture edited to capture real colour: it's a lovely light peach in real life!

MGP Livia Dress in Nude (M)
My first time purchasing from MGP! The print is really pretty, featuring birds of different colours as well as red/pink flowers. The colour is more of a dark yellow-beige, definitely darker than what it appears like in stock images.
This dress fits me with a little allowance at ptp and waist. I love the back of this dress. The material is really quite heavy and the dress is fully lined, so I'm glad for the v-back: I feel that that slash of skin perks the dress up so much more!
Note: this comes with MGP's label.
mgp livia dress in nude m
TTR Soda Box Bag in Baby Pink
Also my first purchase from TTR! I was silly enough to misread their holiday notice and thought their launch was on Friday two weeks ago; turns out Friday was actually the last day for mailing, so I only got this bag last week :( Nevertheless, I'm really glad to have gotten my hands on this bag after it sold out last time! I was debating between this and cream, but figured baby pink would be a refreshing counterpoint to my regular navy blue palette.
The colour is really really beautiful, true to site, a light pastel pink. What surprised me was the size of the bag: it's really roomy and holds its structure! The bag has one main large compartment, and two very thin compartments on either side that are probably more suited to documents, tickets, etc. The thin compartments also allow the bag to expand a little if you want to carry more things, which I think is a great touch :) Plus, the strap is adjustable! (but non-removable)
The material is soft to the touch, stated as 'faux leather' on site. I'm hoping the colour of my clothes don't run onto this bag-- anyone else who owns bags of such a material have any tips? Should I avoid wearing dark denims/ clothes that run in the wash with this?
ttr soda box bag in baby pink

Okay I tried to keep it short this time :X Thanks for reading!

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Sep. 5th, 2013 02:42 pm (UTC)
Is the MGP dress slightly stretchy in the least? (:
Sep. 5th, 2013 02:57 pm (UTC)
yes, a little! if you're in between sizes i daresay it's okay to size down, because i noticed that for mine, with the allowance at ptp and waist, the v-back 'popped' out a bit when I moved my back.

on their site, under exchange policy, it's stated: "[exchange allowed if] Wrong size was bought, & wish to exchange for the right size (only if stock is still available, customers are to bear any postage&handling for the exchange)."

:) hope this helps!
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