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Hello all : )

Welcome to a place to share your love for shopping especially online shopping! It's super addictive <3 This place of reviewing has taken off pretty well and I love seeing all your pretty reviews. However, after much deliberation, I decided to add some new rules... Please do read before posting

1) Please do resize your pics to 400x400 (max).

2) No selling (you can sell your items via the selling post tagged at the side bar) and no advertising here.I will remove your posting access straight away.

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4) Please do remember to tag your reviews before posting from whichever blogshop. Once again, a gentle reminder, please do not tag random post like, "Are you buying from this, this shop today" or "Should I buy this?"

5)This is a online shopping sharing forum It's ok if you state that your OTD for eg. Top: TVD, Shorts: Pull and Bear, Shoes: Zara (something like that). I would prefer you gals to share your online shopping buys and not other buys. Please do understand that.

***For people who constantly break the rules, please don't blame me from being unkind and remove your posting access k? I can close one eye on certain things, but there are certain things which I can't tolerate. So please do kindly abide by the rules.


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I understand that there are many good deals in Taobao and would like to share it to benefit everyone with fantastic deals but it would be nice to do it in a slightly more discreet way after all, the blogshops are running a business.

Email me at or me if you have any queries :D Happy reviewing :)

Rebecca, Best of Shopping moderator :)
I guess Topshop was the one who really kick started the palm tree print craze. Not sure what it is about it but I'm drawn to it too!
There is a low-back version of this dress (pretty similar) being sold on several blog shops but it's not as convenient because I probably have to wear nu-bra :( so when I saw this dress, I was so happy! Such a lovely and hassle-free work dress to have :)

Material is stretchable neoprene and I would advise sizing down if you are in between sizes!
Back order is now open till 29th July! For the price of $31.50, I think this dress is worth it :D

For reference, I'm UK 6, wearing size S with slight allowance at the PTP

Thank you for reading! :)

Selling post: @thecalendargirls on instagram

Launches for Fri (25 Jul 14)

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Warning/Alert on Mabel Dress Quality

I have been seeing a lot of Mabel dress ads on FB and they have been very tempting with a huge variety of designs and low prices and the fact that they offer you free postage with a 6pcs purchase.

I should have been warned when their site says exchange is not allowed if it's quality related issues. But I tot they had to safeguard themselves afterall if everyone starts returning these $10-$15 tops, they be in deep trouble.

But what I received was total shock beyond words. The quality is so bad that I put it away the moment I opened Afew of my tops and realise how freaking lousy it is and my two gfs who ordered on the same day and got their order the same day were equally disappointed.

After two days I decide I will take all out and take a look and I gave away 4pcs to my friend's workers and I kept two which looks fairly okay. End up it was alr torn by the time I was halfway to my destination!! And I swear nobody pulled me and I wasn't in a fight. No idea how it's so badly torn. The threads must have been very loose.

I have shopped with several online shops and I just feel this is unacceptable and I need to share and alert shoppers. Hope this helps. I personally will never ever order again. The photos they post is also not their original goods as it's a vast diff from what I received. I would suggest ppl buy from shops who take photos of actual goods so you can have a more accurate gauge.

Launches for Thu (24 Jul 14)

Her Velvet Vase 11am
Tracyeinny  11am
MGP Label 11am
Dressabelle 12.30pm
My Spring Fling 9pm

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The Closet Lover *Premium* TCL Infinity Romper in Black (XS)

My first review on TCL here though I do own a number of their apparels already. I love basics with a twist and I got this at only SGD 24.75 when they had the FlashSale of 25% someday last week!! Wore it out the very weekend for a short date with the bf. Fits me well at PTP and waist with slight allowance for both which makes it so damn comfy! The cutting is really flattering too. My waist look smaller, doesnt it? (: This romper still comes in 2 other yummy colours, Cobalt and Magenta with only limited quantity and sizes left! I got it in Black because I'm boring like that. :P

P.S. I've updated my AGNESMAURICE-SHOPJOANNELUMMZ with more BN/preloved items, please show some love!

Thanks for reading! :D

I'm standing at 154cm, 39kg, UK4-6 (XS/S)
I blog at
Instagram: @joannelummz
My BN/Pre-loved clothes for sell:

Launches for Wed (23 Jul 14)

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LB Angelica Dress (S)

Back with another review!

LB's delivery has been quite prompt and efficient these days, yay! Received this a day after the collection was launched, I opted for reg mail btw.

Photo 7-17-14, 6 59 16 PM

Was attracted by the prints and I prefer sleeved dresses as well to cover up my arms, so this piece was a must for me. Unfortunately I was caught in a dilemma which size to get since the measurements were quite big. Took a risk, downsized and got S for myself because I was afraid M would be too loose and 'preggy' in the end.

Photo 7-17-14, 6 59 03 PM

Sadly, the ptp was too snug for me and was quite restrictive as you can see. I had trouble trying to get in and out of the dress, and I can't raise my hands up comfortably too. The waist and hips has allowance for me so I think even if I got M, the ptp would fit better but it would be too loose over the waist and hips. :(( Fully lined, so not sheer, the material is light too so even though its 3/4 sleeves, I didn't felt stuffy or hot in it despite the weather.
The prints are duller IRL compared to stock pics though, but I would think this is a good dress to throw on on days you don't feel inspired or if you're in a rush! Goes with with flats or heels as well. The length is decent for work/dates too. Too bad it just doesn't fits haha.

Thank you for reading!

I'm 1.53m, uk8/10.
Ig: @razorliketears

Hermes Kelly Bag (Inspired)

Hello ladies!

My latest buy for july would be this hermes inspired bag! I find mostly shoes and bags on carousell (sometimes their PO are so cheap?!?!) If you're looking at buying this bag, you can look up carousell with the following search: "Hermes inspired bag/ kelly bag".

I would say that the quality of this bag definitely is not superb, but worth it's the price i'm paying it for $32! I initially expected it to be like non durable kind of material that literally tear after one use. But surprisingly if exceeded my expectation! I have seen other places selling at $60(?!). So once I chanced upon this, I knew that I had to get it immediately!

Bag itself is 31cm x 23 cm hence unable to fit in A4! Initially my purpose of purchasing this bag is to use it as a replacement bag. But greedy me could not resist Charles and Keith sale and ended up caving into a new C&K bag!

Hence, I am selling this bag of $30! Totally brand new and come with dust bag!

Do email me if you have any other enquiries!  :)

Thank you for reading!
Just received this romper in my mailbox today! Am glad that they mail it out so promptly :) I realised I do have many dark colors romper and this is my first ever light color romper! Something new for a change or should I say giving myself an excuse to get new rompers? hehe. Of cause i'm afraid that light colors romper will make me looks bigger and not as flattering, but I don't have such issue with this romper though. Infact, it's really flattering.

Anyway, I was caught in between size S or size M. Size S measures : PTP 15.5" WAIST 12" HIPS 16" DOWN 29" (Fits UK6-8) whereas size M measures:  PTP 16.5" WAIST 13" HIPS 17" DOWN 29" (Fits UK8-10).

Looking at the UK Chart i fits size S since I'm a Uk 6-8, but apparentely the waist and hips are not my usual size (I'm a usual LB S-M person). Whatever it is, I just go ahead with size S because I'm very afraid the romper will be loose at the ptp if I up the size.

To my surprise, Size S fits perfectly for me! It's my first TVD apparel hence I'm quite lost. There's allowance at the waist and also ptp area. But overall it's not too tight or too loose. :):)

Photo 21-7-14 18 43 20

The romper is not sheer at all (I'm wearing dark undergarments), very comfy piece of romper but the only downside I can find is, the armpit hole is a bit big. Not to the extend of showing my bra but it's bigger than what I think it should be. Probably to create the cut-in effect?

The romper in black color is also very pretty and it's on backorder now. Do get it if you're interested.

That's all for my review on this romper, have a great week ahead! Counting down to the long weekend...

I'm 1.63m, Uk 6/8

Launches for Mon (21 Jul 14)

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Launches for Sun (20 Jul 14)

Fairebelle 11am
FashMob 11am
Dressabelle  11.30am
PearLavish 11.30am
Buttered Gun 12pm
Missypixie  12pm
AshinCans 12pm
LacePipe 12.30pm
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Jul. 19th, 2014

dakota dress from love,bonito
necklace from YHF
bag from forever new
shoes from HVV

Review(LB Dress): Made of rough crepe material, feels like the expensive/luxe kind, non sheer:) Its elasticized at the ptp and waist area. I got this in XS and it fits quite well, only slightly loose at the waist area. Its a super fuss free dress thats perfect for summer imo! I can imagine styling it with a floppy straw hat haha. Love the eyelet and crochet details at the upper bandeau area as well. Length wise its okay for me though i would think it might be short for the taller ones! Overall its a good buy, very suitable for summer and comfy to wear in spore's heat as well!

uk6/8 1.6m

For more/upclose pics:

Launches for Thu (17 Jul 14)

My Glamour Place 11am
Her Velvet Vase 11am
Lilypirates 11am
Dressabelle 12.30pm
Earl Grey Party  8pm
Lollyrouge  10pm

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Ellysage Elmo Hoodie

elmo resized

Hello girls, here's my review on Ellysage's Elmo Hoodie. I was really pleased with the quality of the hoodie and the price too! The hoodie is really comfortable and as promised from the website description it is really very thick. I believe it will become one of my wardrobe essential during the colder days in Singapore. What more, who can resist themselves to an Elmo printed right on their hoodie. It's so adorable and playful!!! The best part is, this Elmo Hoodie was a real steal, I was lucky enough to get it during the GSS sales and received a 5% off without any minimum amount spend. 5% may sound a little less, but considering the service and quality of the hoodie, I am pretty pleased with my buy! I will definitely go back to Ellysage for more great deals again <3


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