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Hello all : )

Welcome to a place to share your love for shopping especially online shopping! It's super addictive <3 This place of reviewing has taken off pretty well and I love seeing all your pretty reviews. However, after much deliberation, I decided to add some new rules... Please do read before posting:

1) Please do resize your pics to 400x400 (max).

2) No selling (you can sell your items via the selling post tagged at the side bar) and NO ADVERTISING FOR BLOGSHOPS OR WEBSITES here.I will remove your posting access straight away.

3) Please only have 3 pics per item for your reviews, preferbly do a collage like make the pics side by side to each other. Please do an LJ cut if you have more than 4 items to review. It's not that I have anything against many pictures but it is taking up a lot of space for 1 post. Please do a review of yourself in that item before linking it your selling post (if you intend to sell it.)

4) Please do remember to tag your reviews before posting from whichever blogshop. Once again, a gentle reminder, please do not tag random post like, "Are you buying from this, this shop today" or "Should I buy this?"

5)This is a online shopping sharing forum It's ok if you state that your OTD for eg. Top: TVD, Shorts: Pull and Bear, Shoes: Zara (something like that). I would prefer you gals to share your online shopping buys and not other buys. Please do understand that.

***For people who constantly break the rules, please don't blame me from being unkind and remove your posting access k? I can close one eye on certain things, but there are certain things which I can't tolerate. So please do kindly abide by the rules.


- Register for an LJ account (if you don't have one)

- Join the community

- You can start posting once approved. Review or write like how you would post on the forums and click "Save Entry." Tadang! :)


Please note that you can review your Taobao loots here. However, if you would like to share your Taobao links, please do so on sgtaobaocentral.

I understand that there are many good deals in Taobao and would like to share it to benefit everyone with fantastic deals but it would be nice to do it in a slightly more discreet way after all, the blogshops are running a business.

Email me at or me if you have any queries :D Happy reviewing :)

Rebecca, Best of Shopping moderator :)


I got this super pretty skirt from Lara J, called the Isodora Stripes Skirt. I was quite skeptical about whether it will really be so flare like as seen in the pictures and it turned out to be really the case! I got this skirt in Size S because I was afraid I couldn't fit into the skirt since I have tried getting a dress before this in Size XS and I couldnt fit into it (because the model is really small I guess). But the skirt is quite stretchable, so I think XS would fit me too. However, the price is pretty much on the high side but I got this specially for my birthday so I guess it's alright? Haha! The length is just nice, not too short if you are worried about the length (like if you are tall).

That's all I have! Have a great week ahead! (:

Instagram: @audreytiah

Love, drey.

MDS Striped Midi & Love Bonito Rafaela Romper

1) MDS Simple Midi Dress in Navy (Small)

This hot piece was flying off the shelves the day it was launched. Was OOS at the Wisma outlet, thankfully I managed to snag a piece at the Raffles Place outlet the next day. The material is very thick, which makes it slightly hard to pull over the head, and possibly quite warm in this weather. That said, the horizontal stripes somehow don't make me look fatter, but (if it's even possible) a couple of people have commented that it makes my waist look tiny. Overall a good buy at $29.90!

2) Love Bonito Rafaela Foldover Romper (Small)

Tried this piece on at LB's pop up store and was deciding between the lovely colours for the longest time. The material is thick, the straps lasting (thus far) and the design unique. Although it's priced at $38, the quality makes it worth it, considering the less-than-desirable thickness of LB's latest rompers. Certain sizes & colours are still in stock on LB's website, grab it while you still can!

For reference, I am UK8, 1.68m tall.

Any reviews on DoubleWoot?

Hello, has anyone bought from DoubleWoot before? Can you share your opinion on the quality and fit of their clothes please?

Thanks in advance!
Don't know why I'm suddenly receiving bad CS from 2 merchants at the same time. Would appreciate comments and advice.

1. Wonderstellar
a. I placed a backorder for a necklace on 20 Jan 2015. Waited till early March - no news, so I sent a chaser. On 13 Mar, I received an email saying the backorder has arrived and mailed out on that day. Didn't receive it. Early April, I sent 2 chaser emails - no response.

b. I placed another order for 2 necklaces on 15 March. Received the items about a week later but one of the necklaces was not the one I ordered. Again, I sent 2 emails (24 March and 1 April). Till now NO RESPONSE.

2. MDS Collections

LATEST UPDATE 17 April 2015
After a few emails back and forth, MDS insists that they will not reimburse me $1 postage for returning a defective item they sent.
So be warned when shopping with MDS.
This will be the absolute last time for me.

I bought a white top and it arrived with at least 3 obvious brown stains. I took photos and emailed them. They replied, apologised and asked me to return the item and they'll give me a credit voucher. I asked if my postage will be reimbursed. They said no. I asked why. They replied and said,

"We are terribly sorry that we won't be able to reimbursed you for that. If not, you may keep the item and we will process a credit voucher for you."

Then the next day, they send me this email,

We are sorry for the mistake made in the email below, kindly ignore the email below.
The postage fee will not be reimbursed, however, you may just drop it at any of our retail store instead of mailing it back to us. Kindly get back to us and we will process a credit voucher for you.
Once again, sorry and thank you. Hope to hear from you soon."

So the summary is, they send me a defective item, expecting me to return it on my expense? What kind of customer service policy is this?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



TCL Made For You Jeans in Black

 The TCL MFY jeans is one of my favourite buys from TCL!! : ) I'm usually not a jeans person because jeans tend to be really uncomfortable and warm but this pair is not suffocating at all. The Topshop black Joni jeans are quite popular now and I think the MFY jeans are a good substitute for Topshop's jeans as it's about 1/3 of the price! The jeans are really soft and stretchable. The measurements for S are 11"-13", which may seem small but taking your usual size should be fine since the jeans is very stretchable! I took my usual size S for this. Length wise, the jeans are a little long for me as I'm only 1.57m. Definitely recommend joining the BO for the jeans! They come in light blue and mineral wash as well. : )

TCL Fine Embellished Collar Shirt in White

Got this from TCL's sale for $15!!!! TCL's sale was one of the best online sales because everything was so cheap! Most of their items were below $20 hehe. The embellishments are quite well sewn on and they don't look like they'll come off anytime soon. They give the top a very chic feel, which I like! : ) The top is non-sheer but nude undergarments are advised! The blouse isn't made of very thin chiffon and it doesn't crumple easily unlike boyfriend shirts! This is one of my favourite TCL buys too!

Wanted to buy TCL's organza skirt in florals but they restocked it wrongly (only had it in the midi version) and they were super nice to give me a $1.50 store credit with no expiry date, on top of the refund!

TTR Hampton Knit Pullover in Grey

A really good basic to own! The knit is not too thick for Singapore's weather but it might get a little warm if the day is super sunny. The pullover is not itchy at all and it's quite stretchable too! There are no backorders for this pullover in grey and maroon though, but black and cream are still available on TTR!

Thanks for reading and happy mid-week! : )

I'm a UK6/ size S for most blogshops!
Carousell: @ohdeerme
Instagram: @c.arine
Lacepipe embellished shift dress in baby blue

Review: I've never been a fan of shift dresses, always had the impression that its very shapeless and unflattering. But when i saw this piece on lacepipe, i decided to give it a try because of the gorgeous pastel blue tone and the super pretty embellished collar! And i'm glad i got this piece cos i really love it. Its made of a slight furry, wool material that gives off a luxe feel. The material also causes it to be semi structured so it flares out nicely to give a A-line shape and isn't shapeless. Length wise this is good for me, ends abit above the knees, though if it was 1 inch longer it'd be better. For me the winning point would be the embellished collar, cos its really pretty, and studded on very firmly, not sewn on flimsily. A good buy imo! It comes in 3 colours, pink, blue and white. Am considering getting the white one now hehe.

UK4/6 for tops and high waist bottoms, UK6/8 for bottoms. 1.6m

instagram @etherealpeonies
Bigger pictures:



Would like to ask those who frequently shop at DSB, are they usually quite slow with mailing?

The first time I purchased from them was sometime at end of last year, when they relocating. When I still did not receive any shipment email a few days later, I emailed them to check on the status of the mailing. It was only then that they mentioned that mailing was delayed because of their move.

1-2 days after that email exchange, I received their email that my item was mailed out and I finally received my item another few days later or nearly 1.5 weeks after my purchase.

I made another purchase last Thursday (afternoon) and received their shipment email on Friday. Still didn't receive my item on Wednesday though my purchase from a Qoo10 seller last Wednesday (evening) and shipped also on Friday as stated in the shipment email, had already reached me on Tuesday. Does DSB's shipment email mean "shipped (literally)" or "processed to be shipped"?

I know that Singpost has been especially slow this year (I experienced it with other spree-os/blogshops) but it seems like DSB is not that prompt either.

Besides, their items though priced inclusive of postage are still more expensive compared to other shops like Lollyrouge. The only plus point about shopping with them is their fuss free exchange policy, which was also what led to my subsequent purchase, as I returned the first item due to the unsatisfactory material, DSB label by the way.
Dear all,

I am looking for this top from MDS.
Please leave a comment or email me at if there is any similar ones =D



Mar. 23rd, 2015

Top: HVV, Skirt: Fayth
Review: Got this gorgeous printed skirt from Fayth some time ago. This came in a few other prints (like monochrome and rainbow) but i think this blue one is more striking and unique. Its made of neoprene, semi weighty, smooth to the touch. I bought this in size S according to the measurements on site but it turned out to be too big, XS would have fitted better. Length wise its just nice, an inch or two above the knees for me, which is the most flattering length. Overall i would say this is a good buy, but the wrong sizing is a bit of a bummer. If anyone is willing to trade XS with me or is interested in purchasing it in this size (S), do drop me an email at!

UK4/6 for tops and high waist bottoms, UK6/8 for bottoms. 1.6m
instagram @etherealpeonies
other recent updates & bigger sized pictures:

Ellysage x Basic

I'm back with a quick review for Ellysage once again. I have actually bought this dress quite some time back last year for a christmas party. I wasn't expecting it to have such good fit, and the material of this dress is really thick! Though the hem is a little short, and I can't really sit freely because I'm afraid I'll be flashing anyone with my safety pants but I am definitely pleased with my purchase!! If i'm not wrong this dress comes in 3 other solid colors!


I'm always a UK6/8 (for most blogshop)
Instagram: Joeyeatstars


lollyrouge scenic cycling lane dress

i've been eyeing these lovely prints for awhile now. tried on the exact same piece at a shop in raffles place but the price tag of $39 was too hefty. thankfully i held my horses, cos i saw the same piece on lollyrouge for just $32 (ok la, $33.50 after postage) a few weeks later.

lollyrouge scenic cycling dress
(credits to lollyrouge)

the material & cutting is fab. if i had to nitpick on one thing about the dress it would have to be the line running down the middle of the dress, i'd rather it not be there. other than that, a pretty dress which is unfortunately OOS for now, but who knows they might open a backorder!

BOS lollyrouge

i'm 168, UK8, wearing size S.


Anyone knows?

Hello! Does anyone knows if Love, Bonito has a discount code? Last year they had quite a few. However I'm not sure about this year. I always want to buy from their online store (since most of the time their clothing are gorgeous, however it's a little expensive for some items, since most of the time I buy more than 2 items from a single launch/1 collection. Would appreciate if anyone knows and could share! :)

Thank you!

(Sorry mods, let me know if post is allowed or not, will take down if it's not. Thank you!)

Launches for Sun (15 Mar 15)

The Stage Walk  9pm
SMooch  9pm
Do leave a comment if there are launches not listed above. Pls do not self-advertise, such comments will be deleted. Thanks!

Delay in Registered Mail anyone?

Is anyone having delays in their registered mails? I mailed back items to Love, Bonito on 9th March, however the status as of today is: Further processing in progress. I haven't heard from Love, Bonito about my parcel though. I also sent a parcel out by registered mail to another party however status has been updated to delivered on 11 March. Is anyone else experiencing else delays?

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